USA-Mexico Border Wall

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United States-Mexican Border Wall
Immigrants founded the United States of America and ever since then there have been people from all over the world coming to America for a chance at a better life for themselves and their families. Immigrants from all over the world come, some legally and some illegally. A majority of these immigrants come from southern-border country Mexico. Everyday, the United States has hundreds of illegal immigrants come into the country. They cross over from the Rio Grande into Texas; they cross over into Arizona, New Mexico, and California. With all of the problems that the United States is facing from illegal immigration, maybe it is time that the American government should have a stronger form of border …show more content…

Should there be legal channels or should there be stronger laws against immigration.
W.E. Jacobs writes that during the 1920s “laws to control immigration have ranged from outright bans to some nationalities to numerical quotas imposed according to country origin” (Jacobs 1). At least during the 1920s the American government seemed to have some sort of idea on how to keep illegal immigration down. Although laws and bans can only go so far. Maybe during the 20s all it took was a written document to keep immigrants at bay, but now the situation has grown slightly more complicated. The situation gets even worse as the United States’ population grows. A census is taken every ten years, and that census does not include all of the illegal immigrants. “Estimates of the number of people living in the United States illegally range up to 20 million, although the figure most often cited is 12 million. The fact that these immigrants are not officially

registered makes it impossible to have a precise number” (Jacobs 3). Twenty million people here in the United States illegally, people that are not even registered in the United States. If these people are not registered, what does the government actually know about them? This leaves a lot of room for security problems such as terrorists and drug traffickers. “Ethnic criminal gangs and illegal drug smuggling is

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