UTSPH/DI/MPH Program Application Report

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I firmly believe that through earning the registered dietitian credential, I have a chance to impact the health outcomes of my family, friends, neighbors, future patients, as well as future generations. I am confident that the Dietetic Internship and Masters of Public Health (DI/MPH) program at the University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH) is the ideal environment to prepare me in the pursuit of my primary long-term goal of developing a career as a research dietitian. In addition to the program’s alignment with my professional interests, I will bring grit, curiosity, maturity and academic excellence to the next cohort. Five years ago, I was wrestling with a career that was certainly exciting, but left me emotionally and intellectually unfulfilled. The growth I experienced through several years of event planning is…show more content…
A current weakness is my lack of hands-on clinical nutrition experience. I look forward to the opportunity presented by UTSPH to study medical nutrition therapy in a graduate setting and simulation lab prior to clinical rotations. I would also request that my elective supervised practice hours are in a clinical setting in order to make the most of my training opportunities in this pillar of dietetics practice. Additionally, I tend to struggle with delegating tasks to coworkers and classmates. I have been actively working to improve this area by giving people opportunities to demonstrate that they are worthy of trust. I continue to hone this skill daily in both personal and professional settings. After carefully considering the array of DI options available, I am positive that UTSPH is the program that will best prepare me for my career as a research dietitian. I possess enthusiasm and motivation to tackle the challenges in public health and nutrition, and have displayed the necessary grit and intelligence to succeed through the rigors of the DI/MPH
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