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2 Moderately Unfamiliar Assumptions About Al-Qaeda

Introduction to Homeland Security
Research Paper
August 17, 2013
Mr. William R Di Lorio

2 moderately unfamiliar assumptions about al-Qaeda

From intellectuals to policy-makers alike. All of the extraordinary output on the subject of al-Qaeda, has recently led to a number of far-reaching theories about the group which remain startlingly unexplored. The two assumptions, this paper examines and reveals each one 's foundational role in assertions as well as debates about al-Qaeda, despite the relatively unexplored status of each. These 2 assumptions relate to: (1) the role of the internet in actual terrorist activity; and (2) the association between combating a …show more content…

Assumption 1: The role of the internet The first moderately unfamiliar assumption requiring in depth research concerns the function of the internet in the dynamics of al-Qaeda, and its product of terrorism. Generally it has become normal to refer with awe to the purportedly amplified central - role that the internet has assumed in the progression of terrorist activities regarding al-Qaeda and its cells . As for the most part, in a thorough discussion, Atwan (2006) suggesting that it 'is no embellishment to say that the Internet is the solitary most significant factor in transforming mostly local jihadi concerns and actions into the truly universal network that al Qaeda has developed into today ', and culminating in the claim that 'al Qaeda is hastily becoming the foremost web-directed guerrilla network in the world ' (pp. 124, 149).
Atwan and others who trenchantly talked about the position of the internet in al-Qaeda 's progression collects evidence of vast amounts of jihadist online activity to craft their case. Chat rooms, emails and Web sites all bristle with jihadist discussion, dissemination, and debate, providing resources vital to individuals studying al-Qaeda. However, the real centrality of such virtual movement to al-Qaeda and its acts of terrorism remains a relatively unexplored theory in these intellectual accounts of the internets

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