Unauthorizing Immigrants

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This ban is a major issue for the country. Banning immigrants because of their religion flies in the face of our U.S. Constitution guaranteeing religious freedom. President Trump spoke of banning Muslims, his executive orders have been stopped by the courts due to unconstitutionality. No American has been killed in a terrorist attack in decades, if ever, by immigrants from these countries. There is little reason to believe that people from the list of banned countries pose a greater danger to us. (2) b) Illegal immigrants are hurting the U. S. economy Illegal immigrants pay taxes. They apply for an Taxpayer Identification Number through the IRS which used by anyone who is not eligible for a social security number. This number is used to pay taxes. The Center for American Progress’ reports in 2010 unauthorized immigrants paid $13 billion into Social Security and received only $1 billion in services—a net contribution of $12 billion. From 2000 to 2011, unauthorized immigrants paid $35.1 billion more into Medicare than they withdrew. (1) Unauthorized immigrants pay an estimated $11.7 billion a year in state and local taxes. Granting all unauthorized immigrants legal status would boost their tax contributions an additional $2.2 billion per year. Immigrants—even legal immigrants—pay to support many of the benefits they are statutorily barred from receiving. (1) c) The effect of DACA children being forced to leave the U.S. The DACA has resulted in big economic gains. DACA

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