Uncle Tom's Cabin Analysis

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In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe intended to demonstrate that slavery is evil through Christian moral, the dehumanization of slaves by their slave owners, and the severe contrast between pure and sinful characters. Stowe showed the evils of slavery through its contradiction with Christian values and teachings. Mrs.Bird, the senator’s wife, and Mrs.Shelby, the plantation owner’s wife, both condemn their husband’s actions toward slavery because of their faith. For example, Mrs.Shelby explains that by tearing Eliza away from her son, Harry, by selling him, Mr.Shelby is imposing on her Christian duty and also making her a hypocrite (pg. 21). This upset shows that Mrs.Shelby’s Christian teachings neither correspond with her …show more content…

Stowe also showed this contradictory relationship by explaining that no Christian could support slavery if they were a true Christian or knew slavery in its entirety (pg. 262). This argument is then expanded by calling all Christians with pure morals to stand up for true values, not popular ones (pg. 264). Stowe’s call to action directly puts the point across that the characteristics of slavery are foreign to morals and can never be justified by Christians. The inhumanity of slavery is also conveyed through the dehumanization of slaves by their masters’ cruel actions towards them. For example, Prue, the slave, was bred by her master in order to sell all of her children and eventually sell her (pg. 129). This degradation shows that Prue was compared to that of an animal and only seen as a profit, not a human being. She was further dehumanized and mentally traumatized by her master when they allowed her baby to die of starvation (pg. 130). She was forced to helplessly watch her last child be taken away by death only because she was a slave, which led to her alcoholism and her careless feelings about Heaven in her conversation with Tom (pg. 130). Tom’s encounter with Prue validates that the system of slavery robs every characteristic that can define one as human to the point that life no longer matters. Topsy also experienced the feeling of solitude and heartbreak that Prue experienced because all her family had been taken away from her. She explains to Eva that

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