Essay about Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Harriet Beecher Stowe who was an abolitionist wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin as a statement against the Institution of slavery and the Fugitive Slave Act, enacted in 1850, making it a crime for citizen's of free states to aid runaway slaves. It was originally published in 1852. This story is fiction but is based on actual events. The story begins in the early 1800's in Kentucky. It chronicles the lives of Tom, Eliza, George, their son Harry, Topsy, and Cassy. There are other characters but I felt that these characters had an ultimate destiny that culminates throughout the story. Tom, the main character, was born a slave in the United States. He had been treated well during his first 40 years, actually growing up from an …show more content…

After George “standing erect and in high spirits” demonstrated his invention to his master, he became incensed that a slave should be inventing machines and talking so freely to gentleman. He decided he would take him back home and put him to hoeing and digging to bring him back down to “his place.” Topsy is a horribly abused 8 year old slave who has no idea who or even what her parents were and never knew any kindness. Cassy, who comes into the story at the last plantation in Louisiana that Tom is sent to, was a woman whose earlier life was also happy. Being the child of her master she was educated in a convent and was told by her father that he would free her, but when she was 14 her father died of cholera. She was then sold to a kind man, Henry, who was in love with Cassy and they had two children. But this happiness was not to last. A cousin of Henry had schemed to have Cassy and had drawn Henry on, getting him in debt on purpose. Henry sold Cassy and his children to him. The man was evil, for he eventually sold Cassy's children and when she attempted to murder him he sold her into prostitution and when her face began to wrinkle she finally was sold to Simon Legree, the sadist plantation owner. As the story begins, Mr. Shelby is having a conversation with a slave trader. He has become indebted and must sell the “property” that the slave trader is interested in. This being Tom, and Eliza's 4 year old

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