Under Armour Economic Analysis

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UNDER ARMOUR Ecomonic Analysis Wisniewski, Angela Table Of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Company History and Analysis 3 a. Strengths 4 b. Weaknesses 4 c. Opportunities 5 d. Threats 5 3. Microeconomic Analysis 5 4. Macroeconomic Analysis 7 5. Market Structure- Monopolistic Competition 8 e. Consumer Demand 9 6. Market Competition 9 7. Managerial Recommendations 11 8. Conclusion 13 9. Works Cited 14 Executive Summary Under Armour is in the Textile- Apparel Clothing industry, in the consumer goods sector. The market has been driven by economic recovery, new product offerings and a…show more content…
In 1995 the then captain of the University of Maryland football team, Kevin Plank came up with a brilliant idea that will revolutionize the athletic apparel industry forever: microfiber T-shirts designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Almost two decades later, Under Armour is a multi billion-dollar athletic apparel market competing directly with industry giants Nike and Adidas. Under Armour focuses primarily on producing three different lines of clothing (COLDGEAR wit’s cold, HEATGEAR, and ALLSEASONGEAR) along with three different types of fit. In 2011 as the company looked into expanding its brand, it started manufacturing shoes and accessories for all main sports while incorporating the microfiber technologies to them—which gave the company a significant competitive advantage in the high performance apparel market. Under Armour is a growing company with many strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Many of these qualities will be discussed throughout the paper, but a SWOT analysis is the perfect way to become familiar with the company and it’s economic attributes. Strengths Under Armour’s primary strength lie behind it's product quality and innovation. This quality of the product provides high performance and ultimately a strong brand image and loyalty. Another strength would be Under Armour’s ability to develop

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