Under the Rug Essay

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Under the Rug Two weeks passed and it happened again. My mind has been filled with endless thoughts of paranormal thoughts in this old wrecked house. This house has been empty ever since my wife was murdered. Chills and shivers ran down my spine as I stared at the portrait of my beloved. She died right in front of my eyes. I saw the gruesome murder and I couldn’t do anything to save her. The devil shouldn't have step foot into my wife. We were a happy family. A couple of months ago, my wife was expecting a child. On the day of her labor... it was a stillborn... There were a few attempts on trying to have a child again. Sudden miscarriages occurred. Ever since the miscarriages, every single night she made animal sounds in her sleep. The …show more content…

More than 3 hours passed. The exorcism was brutal, but I will do anything to get my most cherished back or gone. My heart ached. My body went numb. Maybe it was due to shock. She was tied up with a strong type of fabric. Her eyes started to roll back, only showing the white. Her high-pitched screams filled the warehouse. "I will come back and have my revenge, you will regret this day!" she screamed. Her limbs and neck started to twist. Blood poured out like a waterfall. Her skin started to tear. I was disgusted. Her cold lifeless body laid still in the middle of the cold cement floor in the warehouse. That was the day I saw her death and I couldn't do anything. I need to forget about her and move on. The past is the past. Slowly, I made my way out of the bed. The halls were dim and quiet. My foot steps could be heard a mile away. While making my way to the living room, the sounds of pots and pans startled me. I felt a cold breeze blow in front of me. Nothing was visible. My heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds. Papers started to fly around. Blood stained the walls, my prized china shattered as high-pitched screams filled the room. The blood slowly formed words... her dying words.. her words of hell. “CRISTO!” I cried out. Papers covered the living room. The blood disappeared. I felt light-headed. It felt like it was happening in life. Luckily it was a dream. The dream was so vivid as if I was experiencing it. I hurriedly stood up looking around in my

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