Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute Case Study

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Why are you interested in attending the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute? What do you hope to gain from this experience?
As a freshman who just entered the Panhellenic community this year, I am amazed by the recent progress in the Greek community enacted by both my sisters and the members of other Panhellenic chapters. While our community is far from perfect, it has great potential, and I see a strong sentiment to make this community more welcoming across all of our chapters. Through the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, I hope learn how to turn these visions into a reality. I hope to gain new leadership skills that help me enact change in Northwestern’s Greek life so that every member can find a place where they feel supported
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Do you plan to hold an office next year? If so, which offices/positions?
I hope to continue contributing to my chapter and the wider Panhellenic community by taking on more leadership roles as I proceed throughout my college career. We have not held elections at this time, but my long term goal would be to serve as VP of Philanthropy. If that is not possible, I would like to give back to my chapter by serving in another position on our executive or administrative board. Through my leadership role, I hope to make the Panhellenic community a more inclusive environment for people of all different backgrounds. I hope to further use my role in one of these positions to connect our chapter to the wider Greek community by planning events with other chapters, both in and out of the National Panhellenic
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I decided to join a sorority, because I admired the sisterhood that I observed amongst women that were members of Panhellenic chapters. I saw joining this community as an opportunity to join a group of women who shared my values, and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My sisters have played such a critical role in my life for the past few months, from coming to support my dance performances, to helping me through a seemingly impossible problem set, to offering a shoulder to cry on. I have also loved how, as a freshman, the upperclassmen have welcomed me into their family. My sisters have taught me so much already, from how to make a difference in our campus community to how to use laughter to push through college stress. As I come to the end of my first year in a sorority, I have realized how much I have learned about how to both take care of myself and support others. My sorority has provided me a home where I feel like I belong, and I am very grateful to be a
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