Understanding My Job Requirement Is The Domestic Version Of The Peace Corps, And I Essay

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Everyday when I walk into work, I put on my pale blue shirt, the one that my coworkers and I constantly complain about, with pride and with a coffee in my hand. I know I have eight long hours ahead of me, and my feet will hurt by the end of the day from the constant walking back and forth, and there is a chance I make some person incredibly upset. Regardless of being cognizant of issues that may arise, I am incredibly content at work, and especially optimistic that I will assist at least someone (even if it is just unfortunately informing them we can only provide resources, rather than assisting). Whenever someone asks what exactly my work is I say, as I was taught, “it is the domestic version of the Peace Corps, and I’m also only in a courthouse.” This does not help many people understand my job requirement, as they just imagine me helping the prosecution, but what I do helps a lot more people than assisting a prosecutor. I understand the extent, or rather the limited extent, that my help goes towards a prosecution. This past summer I was positive that I wanted to be a District Attorney in Los Angeles County, after I attend and finish law school. So this past summer I thought it would be wise to clerk at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. I had the experience of seeing a wide variety of cases, as the Deputy District Attorney I shadowed was in the Central Trial Unit. This meant that any case we were handed did not fall under the categories of sex crimes, hardcore

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