Understanding Piaget Theory And Information Processing Theory

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The study of Cognitive theories has many different aspects that have been debated many years ago. Developmental psychologists try to explain cognitive development approaches which describe the process of human 's thought. One of the developmental psychologist who studied on the area of cognitive was Jean Piaget. Jean Piaget a Swiss psychologist was the first developmental researcher who has extensive research on cognitive development. In addition, the revolution of Jean Piaget’s cognitive theory has changed the development psychology forever. In fact, although this theory is one of the most influential theories that have had a major impact on child’s cognitive development, many developmental psychologist has been criticized it as well(Miller,2007). Therefore, the limitations of this theory made the developmental psychologists thinking of information processing theory might complete Piaget’s Theory(Miller,2007). Information processing theory is another theory that was engaged in the era of cognitive development. It is possible to better understand Piaget theory and Information Processing theory by comparing several important aspects of developmental psychology: nature of humans, quantitative or qualitative, and nature or nurture.

Piaget Cognitive Theory
To begin with, Piaget’s cognitive theory has four stages. According to Miller,2011 she states that Piaget described each stage and referred them to the ability of human understanding. First stage is the sensorimotor stage

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