Understanding Sleep And Pain Of Elderly Patients

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Understanding Sleep and Pain in Elderly Patients

Rachael P. Donnelly and Joyce K. Wu

MCPHS University

Understanding Sleep and Pain in Elderly Patients

Literature Review

A great deal of investment in terms of research has yielded copious information regarding the individual phenomena of sleep and pain. These two subjects have even been studied to a substantial degree in specific populations, the older adult population being one of these. However, study of the interaction between these two phenomena has only recently begun to be of great notice. This interaction, though lately established in the literature, has not been adequately studied in many populations. In particular this inadequacy is notable for the older adult population. A search of the database Academic Onefile using keywords “older adults”, “sleep” and “pain” produced no literature involving all three. The literature used in this review was found with individual searches of “sleep” and “pain”, “older adults” and “sleep”, and “older adults” and “pain”. This issue is of great importance to nurses and other clinicians due to the increasing age of the patient population seen in practice (Berman, Snyder, Kozier, & Erb, 2012), and due to the pervasive difficulties with sleep and pain faced by older adults. Sleep disturbance among the older adult population is known to be a prevalent issue (Gooneratne, Pack, Staley, Schutte-Rodin, Dinges, & Pack, 2011). Much study has…
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