Understanding The Physical And Mental Language

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This observation report shows the study of the reaction of people interacting with each other, understanding the physical and mental language that each individual possesses. The observation was conducted at the Fort Campbell, Kentucky Commissary, using Sociology to point out the positive and negative norms. Identify every aspect of the norm that associates within each person finding the reaction which many either do or do not expect. Chambliss stated that, norms are accepted social behaviors and beliefs, or the common rules of a culture that governs the behavior of people belonging to that culture (2015). Norms that are utilized daily are; mores and laws norm are used in daily life within today’s population including myself. Mores norm in simple terms is explained by, creating a strong reaction of person that doesn’t act appropriately in society. Laws norm creates control of the behavior, but carries punishment of creating a legal norm once violated. With the military, law norm is a given since obedience applies to all military services within the United States.
Keywords: norms, mores, and laws

Observation at Fort Campbell Commissary
Understanding Behavior Patterns The norm that will be broken is by singing Christmas songs in aisles where no one is expecting while talking to one another. Since it is near the holidays, interactions will vary based on the moods of the individual on how they accept what is given. Date and time in which the observation was conducted
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