Understanding the purpose of american public education Essay

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Understanding the Purpose of American Public Education American public education has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past several hundred years. This transformation not only includes technology and appearance, but diversity and policies as well. However, an age-old question is still being pondered today. What is the purpose of American public education? Although you may have your own answer for this question; not everyone may agree with you. This is where the problem resides. How can one purpose be suitable for everybody? The point of this paper is to informatively examine and explain the purpose of American public education through different perspectives. One noteworthy viewpoint is that the purpose of public education …show more content…

Although only three people are mentioned here, their influence and opinions are still present because their beliefs reach the public through the media and other forms of communication. Therefore, the purpose of education to influence democratic qualities and lifestyles is a common perspective that is most likely widespread throughout society. Another way to approach education and its purpose would be to examine the relationship among schools and their responsibility for their students. While the previous paragraph was about the contribution to society as a whole, this one is about the personal effect that schools should have on their students. What should be the focus for public schooling, and how does that have purpose? This is an important question, and it sounds awfully familiar. A common conception of public schooling is that it’s a place to formally educate and prepare children for college and careers that will determine their lifestyle and place in society. However, most people forget to consider that the most important thing in life is to just be happy. Harry Brighouse, an author and professor of philosophy, does a great job in explaining how public schools should educate children in a way that leads to a “flourishing” life (Brighouse, 2008). He believes that schools should change the way they approach education to help students achieve more than academic success. However, the idea that a schools purpose should be to develop students so that

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