Undocumented Immigrants

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There are eleven million undocumented immigrants that choose to move to the United States for a better life. Undocumented “illegal” immigrants vary from individuals who migrate from the following countries: Mexico, China, Philippines, India, and many more. It is often assumed that these undocumented/unauthorized immigrants are simply Mexicans who cross the southwest border and take one man’s job. “At the White House, they are … criminals who menace American neighborhoods, take America jobs … and exploit American generosity” They are people who should be, and will be, expelled” (NY Times).The United States is an option these individuals choose so they can begin a new life here, which is why many undocumented individuals, not only Hispanics, migrate to the United States. Studies show that out of the eleven million immigrants, “almost a quarter are not even Hispanic.” (NY Times). Aside from these undocumented individuals who risk their lives by stepping into a better opportunity, these individuals must worry about the community they choose to step into. Depending on where exactly these individuals decide to move to, the chances of moving to a sanctuary city are fair. There are many sanctuary states, cities, and counties here in the United States that are available and beneficial for undocumented individuals. Although there are many benefits of moving to a sanctuary city as an undocumented individual, there are also benefits of moving to a sanctuary city as an undocumented

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