Illegal Immigrant: Sanctuary City

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Bang! A bullet left the chamber of a handgun, disrupting San-Francisco’s touristy promenade into chaos. Only one person was killed, an innocent woman named Kate Steinle. Kate was just walking with her father until Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez pulled the trigger which ended her nice pleasant stroll with her father and her life on that beautiful evening. The killer, Juan Francisco Lopez- Sanchez is an illegal immigrant that was never legally permitted to carry a firearm in the State of California in the first place, but somehow he got a hold of one and shot Kate Steinle in the back. He was deported to Mexico five times, and has a criminal record of committing several crimes, and recently murdering Kate Steinle(Sakuma). This event sparked national…show more content…
An “Illegal Immigrant” is someone who avoids inspection and/or overstays the period of time given to them as a tourist, business person, or a visitor( Illegal Immigrants need Sanctuary cities and open borders, but in reality, Sanctuary cites do not need Illegal Immigrants, and open borders because they are very well populated. According to Daily Signal, a news organization for society, news editor Josh Siegel posted a chart of the top U.S cities with the highest illegal population. The current population census in the top four sanctuary cities that are listed below are: Los Angeles, 4,041,707 people(Grad), New York City 8,537,637 people(, Chicago 2,720,546 people (United States Census Bureau), and lastly Seattle, 684,451(Schlosser). Los Angeles and New York City, both have the highest estimated illegal population, and population census. So, if they do not put some effort in by making immigrants follow the legal process to become a citizen in the United States, then ICE will come and start deporting illegals which could decline Los Angeles, and New York City’s population drastically. Well, actually most city administrators think it is politically correct to have Sanctuary cities regardless of the consequences are looming around because it is a political agenda that Democrats favor more than the Republicans. Illegal Immigration and the…show more content…
Pastor John Fifie in Tucson, Arizona had a compassionate heart to shelter the vulnerable. “Pastor John Fifie believed that it was a right to protect the victims of human rights violations” (Sakuma). This sparked the interest of forming Sanctuaries for Illegal immigrants and refugees that did not want to go back to their old country due to poverty and violence. Later, ICE infiltrated the secret scheme that was taken place and arrested Pastor John Fifie, and few worship leaders for violating immigration laws and sentenced them for five years’ probation(Sakuma). Surprisingly, this took root and spread to city governments to help bring support to both illegal immigrants, and refugees. “In 1985, San Francisco passed a city ordinance that forbade city police or city magistrates from assisting Federal immigration officers”
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