Unemployment Rate Of The United States

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Since the early 2000’s the unemployment rates of the United States have been constantly changing. For most of this time unemployment rates were increasing at a quick pace as the country was dealing with internal financial issues of its own. When people are out of work the rates of depression and crime seem to skyrocket. This is due to the lack of funds coming into a home which result in some less than admirable acts being committed. There are many causes of unemployment and many effects that unemployment can have on not only our economy, but our personal lives as well. There are three different kinds of unemployment that affect our economy: frictional, cyclical and structural. Frictional unemployment occurs when there is a time laps between being employed and looking for work. This term can also be referred to as search employment because it is the time spent searching for a place of employment. One example of this would be a student taking time off of work to finish college and get a 4 year degree. Usually, it takes a lot of time and dedication to finish the last years of school, so some students tend to go to school full time and work part time or not at all. This type of unemployment is also classified as voluntary unemployment because this period of unemployment is at the discretion of the person to some small degree. Secondly, there is cyclical unemployment which changes depending on the business need; for example, workers are laid off when business is bad - then
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