Walmart Ethical Issues

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If Wal-Mart has such little regard for their own employees, it would make it difficult for a company to have minimal regard to where their merchandise is coming from. On the documentary, The High Price of Low Cost, informs of the countries and Wal-Mart’s effects on these countries, including its presence for manufacturing in China. The workers work in conditions of extreme temperatures from morning until dawn and provided boarding, which is shared with several others and lined with bunk beds. The board and utilities are deducted from their wages even if the workers choose not to stay on the facilities the board is still deducted from their pay. These workers that are looking for employment to make a better future for their families are …show more content…

Wal-Mart would rather bribe factories money to move on and brush it under the carpet instead of taking responsibility for their involvement. So, one would have to think this is not due to the lack of knowledge of the practices in the factories, but the choice to ignore and not care of these practices. In 2012, Wal-Mart choose to “make payments to Mexican officials of more than $24 million noted by The New York Times and in Asia there were 90 reports within a year and half period” (Sethi) to cover situations up demonstrating that money talks. Businesses should have certain ethical guidelines to enforce manufacturers to adhere to or refuse to do business with these manufacturers if certain standards cannot be met. However, the only thing Wal-Mart is interested in is making a profit and apparently at any cost and in any conditions. There should be more follow through with government regulations and importing of said merchandise to discourage such participation in such practices. While other retailers have assisted to make conditions better in finding solutions to make these factories better for their workers and want to contribute financially to improve the environment, “but Wal-Mart declined to participate in the 2011 in relation to the fire related deaths and injuries, because it would increase the company’s cost documented by Senior Official of Bangladesh’s ministry of Labor and Employment” (Sethi). In conclusion, Cell phone

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