Walmart Corporation 's Labor And Employee Relations

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Introduction As stated on the corporate website (2017), “Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, where 2.3 million associates meet the needs of more than 260 million customers every week.” These numbers are huge, and with so many locations around the globe, they have had allegations been made by employees regarding their dissatisfaction about poor work conditions, gender discrimination, low wages, poor benefits, and inadequate health care. Walmart has been criticized for its policies against labor unions and this issue has prompted public outrage, (Johansson, 2005) which is of great concern for the market. The company has also faced criticism for being anti-union, but it has claimed that it is rather pro-associate, whereby employees …show more content…

Walmart however claims that their managers can handle complaints and grievance and that their employees do not need to pay a union to advocate for them. Walmart management views labor unions as negative (Ali, 2015), but if utilized correctly, it can actually have a positive effect on their business. Strong labor relations can make a business more successful in the long run and can help both employers and employees. Managers sometimes get the chills when they think of unions organizing in their businesses and sometimes adopt an adverse approach to any existing labor group. However, organizations can reap several benefits from the presence of a labor union if management and the labor unions work together toward the same goals. When employees contribute into the production process for a service, the quality increases as there is greater commitment on the part of those making or delivering the end-product. Dealing with labor unions improves employee satisfaction as they can rely on them as their voice to speak to the employers (Arthur, 2017). What Are The Key Issues Regarding Employee And Labor Relations? Over the years, Walmart has been at the center of controversies with regards, its low wages; overtime pay abuses, employee benefits, gender discrimination, negative impact on small business, immense dealings with China, tax avoidance and much more (Crofoot, 2012). Employees have been dissatisfied with these issues but seem as if they can’t voice it

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