Unfair Ism Or Racism?

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Unfair-ism or Racism?

Racism has always been present in the united states since the colonial era or rather said the slave era. In another words African-American at that time were treated unfairly because at that time they were not valuable as a human beings. In the essay ‘’Graduation’’ by Maya Angelou and ‘’Notes of a native son’’ by James Baldwin, One can see how racism and unfairness were present in the society at that time. In ‘’Notes of a native son’’ by James baldwin starts off by saying how his father’s funeral was on his 19th birthday and the affected relationship that he had with him. Once his father died he realized that he never spoke to his father and this reminds me of the saying that my mother always says ‘’we don 't know the worth of the water until the well runs dry’’ he realized that when he could not do anything to avoid it. Baldwin couldn 't understand his father’s hatred toward white people until he witnessed himself when he was living in new jersey. but also his sister was born on his birthday and the harlem riot of 1943 occurred. We also can see how he explains his paranoia in society with white people and how black people were treated in the south and also the time he lived in new jersey. ‘’The streets were very crowded and i was facing north. People were moving in every direction but it seemed to me, in that instant, that all of the people I could see, and many more than that, were moving toward me, against me. And that everyone was white’’

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