Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

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Under these guidelines, the employers are required to come up with employment tests and test processes that ensure the "appropriate" proportion of minority and protected races or individuals are hired and/or promoted without bias or discrimination. This whole process is generally referred to as "the reduction of adverse impact."
Under this system and guidelines, the cognitive ability or rather the intelligent quotient ranks very low in priority index of employment testing, selections procedures, recruitment, and promotion considerations (Legal information Institute, 1992).
In place of a prospective employee's cognitive ability, the uniform guidelines insists on personality appraises, biographical information, and various consideration based on race and ethnicity as a base to "hire" the "right" number of appropriate racial and ethnic representations. The skills and technical expertise regarding a given job are regarded lowly especially in situations where a significant proportion of persons from the minority group lacks these skills.
Under the confines of "Uniform Guidelines," those employers who deliberately or unintentional fails to adhere to…
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