Unique Elements Within Dickinson 's Poetry

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Jordan Peterson
Professor Amanda Walter
AML 2010
08 April 2015
Unique Elements within Dickinson’s Poetry Emily Dickinson is considered to be one of the most popular and prolific poets of her time period. Dickinson had a unique style of writing which pulled in influence from both the Romantic and Realist periods. Dickinson’s style of writing had many elements, such as imagery and advanced vocabulary, which helped differentiate herself from other poets. Dickinson also explored a wide range of subjects throughout her poetry, mainly writing about religion, death, and the mind (Emily Dickinson 1659). These subjects were often referred to through the use of stylistic techniques and figures of speech like metaphors and similes. These characteristics of Dickinson’s poetry have made her one of the most influential poets of all time. Not only is Dickinson influential because of her writing style, but she is also influential because people are fascinated by her isolation and withdrawal from society (Cull 38). Before dissecting Dickinson’s poetry, there is necessary information about her life that needs to be known. Throughout her life, Dickinson was a very isolated and reclusive person. According to Janet Gray, she “no longer attended church, stopped visiting friends and relatives, and eventually refused to see people in her home.” In fact, she only associated with a small group of select friends and family members (Cull 38). This reclusiveness had a large effect on her poetry,

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