Unisex And The Utilitarian Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Tanisha Stidwell PHI 240 0001FA Mr. Beltran, Julian Nov. 6, 2016
Unisex and the Utilitarian
In today’s society exists the ethical dilemma referred to as unisex which can be actively described as the direct efforts to blur the line separating male from female. According to most, this is done to further the idea of equality between men and women. But to others it is a moral concern that ultimately could be detrimental to the members of the affected society. Avoiding a consequence such as this would thusly mean promoting the ideas encapsulated within the moral frame of Utilitarianism. This essay will showcase the problem with unisex and its relationship to the utilitarian. It, however, is necessary, first, to elaborate on the topic of unisex to better define and emphasize its problematic features. Unisex is defined as: (Adjective) of, designed, or suitable for both sexes; not distinguishing between male and female; undifferentiated as to sex. Or (Noun) The state or quality of being unisex, also referred to as ‘Gender-Blindness’. This term ‘unisex’ is used in opposition to the act of Gender-Specification, which is the separating of labels or items- boy or girl, for Women or for Men. Though the term ‘unisex’ was popularized in the early 1960’s, the demand for things to be categorized as such, grew exponentially in the early 2000’s and peeks in 2016. This is due to the growing influx of people verbalizing and arguing their disapproval over gender specification, parents especially.

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