Unit 1 Case Study Pc Gamers

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In the world of gaming consumers have many options for how to enjoy their games, yet the most popular platform is PC gaming. One of the main draws for PC gamers is the customizability of the systems. A gaming PC’s capabilities range anywhere from being barely able to handle Minesweeper on low settings, to able to run any game on ultra graphics and display it in 4K. The system is only limited by your imagination and your wallet. The ability to create a great gaming experience even when on a budget is also a huge draw for PC gamers. A majority of PC gamers build their own PCs, so that they have complete control of what goes on inside the system, as well as how powerful and how up to date the PC is.There are many factors to consider when building a PC, however price is typically the most important. For gamers who are on budget building their own PC can …show more content…

To the rest of us, however, the case needs to be one that fits our needs. The case has to be able to fit in the space available. It also has to allow for proper cooling to take place so that the system doesn’t overheat and become an extravagant footstool. This is why the Thermaltake Core V1 for around $50 is a great choice. The Thermaltake Core V1 is a mini-ITX case which means it is small enough to fit in most areas without to much of a struggle. The downside to using a mini case is that they are typically, incredibly difficult to build into. However, this is not the case with the Thermaltake Core V1. The case is, by default, a horizontal case. This means that, the motherboard lays flat and the graphics card will stand upright. The case is horizontal by default, but each side is removable so that any side could become the bottom. This also lets you choose where to put the window, which is a nice touch. For the money this case is a great buy that looks good and allows you to show of your

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