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Sometimes it seems like the computer game industry is dying, crushed to death by its own bulk. Every year more and more gaming companies get gobbled up into huge conglomerates like Electronic Arts, companies that mostly put out trash that is technically and visually impressive, but devoid of concept and content. However, there are some small gaming companies that buck the trend. While mostly just small groups of programmers and artists, some are huge unions of fans who, irritated with the dropping quality of computer games, have decided to use the power of the internet to get together and to produce games tailor-made to their personal preferences.

For the sake of comparison, Electronic Arts' website …show more content…

The first level removed from EA Games is the small gaming company. Moonpod Games (, a company made up of a small but skilled group of game makers who previously worked under different companies making other games (some well known, some more obscure), is a good representative of this kind of game producer.

Just because Moonpod is a small business doesn't mean it doesn't know its web design. The site is very well done and much more informative than even the EA site-- it has to be, since the company doesn't have the money to make separate sites every time it comes up with a new game.

The organization of the website itself is fairly basic. A centrally-located news column makes announcements about new features, patches, or game releases. A navigation bar on the left-hand side allows easy access to the different parts of the website, and beautiful, eye-catching screenshots on the right take one to a synopsis of the games from which they come (although the buttons on the left do that as well). The contents of the center and right-hand portions change when one accesses a part of the site specific to one of the games, changing to a synopsis of and system requirements for the game in the center, and screenshots and related links on the right. All in all, it is a simple but effective design.

Without the funds available to a company like EA Games, Moonpod can't use its site simply to advertise its products. It must

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