Unit 4 Equality and Diversity Essay

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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 4: Living in diverse communities

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1. Describe a range of appropriate investigative methods that can be used to explore diversity in a community.

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Through this strategy, barriers to essential services would be unlocked and the potential for social integration enhanced. Additionally, it was hoped that building capacity in the asylum and refugee community, would increase opportunities for individuals to grow their skills, knowledge and competencies as well as their income earning potential.

Olive Branch Trust – Olive Branch Trust was established in 1983 to invest in the local community of South Bradford, West Yorkshire. Over the years the Trust has grown considerably and now focuses on 2 main areas of work, namely the Family and the Youth. The Trust employs many people and these are helped by numerous skilled and dedicated volunteers
In 2001 the Trust also became a Limited Company, and then in 2008/9 Community Interest Companies were formed to better deliver the services to our clients. There are now 2 companies namely E:merge CIC (Youth /Education Services) and BD4 CIC (services to the Family). Whereas the initial focus was our city of Bradford they now provide services to those further afield.

Drug & Alcohol Counselling – Within Bradford there are several organisations offering help with drug and alcohol problems, organisations like the Council and the Health Authority and specialist voluntary organisations.

They can give help from practical advice and information to counselling and
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