Unit 4222 sam moton health ans social care

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Unit 4222-216- Support independence in the tasks of daily living- Outcome1-understand principles for supporting independence in the tasks of daily living-Individuals can benefit from being as indepenent as possible in the tasks of daily living as it depicts that people having the same level of choice, control and freedom in their daily lives as any other person. Each of the three main political parties expressed their approval of the Independent Living Strategy published in 2008, which sets out actions aimed at improving the choice and control disabled people have over the services they need to live their daily lives. The …show more content…

basic food hygiene, as well as actively supporting them in the initial storing of the food.

Outcome 4- Be able to provide support for buying and using household and personal items-
Different ways of buying household and personal items include using the internet and shopping in person.
In order to identify household and personal items that are needed for the client I would discuss with, and if necessary supervise the client whilst they decided and tooks notes, depending on what they currently had in the house and therefore did or didn 't need.

In order to support clients to buy items in the way they preferred I would discuss with and accompany the client whilst either shopping on the internet or in person etc.

In order to support the client to store and use items safely I would discuss with and refer them to any health and safety instructions that may come with or be noted on the products.

Outcome 5- To be able to provide support for keeping the home clean and secure-
I would support the individual to keep their home clean in a way that supports active participation and safety by observing and discussing with them any issues that they may have, then referring them to any policies issued to the general public or organisations, and actively supporting them whilst they implemented these policies.

I would supervise and describe different security risks to the client, whilst encouraging them to take notes as to what these are

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