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E1 The role of the practitioner is not just about keeping children safe and happy; it is about helping them develop to meet their full potential. It is essential that practitioners are able to observe and assess the children's progress to inform plans and report back to parents and other professionals. (archive.excellencegateway.org.uk - 28/11/12 Appendix 1) As a childcare practitioner it is important to have an understanding of child development and have the appropriate training in order to meet the individual needs of the children. By understanding child develop practitioners will understand which activities will help children to develop as well as supporting them in doing this. It is important to meet their day to day needs such as…show more content…
I experienced a multi-agency approach in my nursery placement when a child was referred to a speech and language therapist. The teacher worked with the speech and language therapist so that the work that the child was doing was then implemented in practice. There are legal requirements that must be followed when caring for children for example health and safety as it is important to make sure that the environment is safe, this means carrying out risk assessments to ensure that there are no potential hazards, supervising children at all times and making sure that the equipment and activities are suitable for the age of the child. It is important that settings have recording mechanisms and reporting procedures for dealing with illnesses and accidents. It is essential that all childcare practitioners go through the NI access procedures before they start working with children. (Tassoni et al 2007 Appendix 6) Childcare practitioners must ensure that they provide an inclusive environment. According to Daly, M. Byers, E and Taylor, V. (2004) “Inclusive practice helps to provide an environment rich in diversity that enables children to develop interpersonal skills and understand and appreciate differences.” (Appendix 7) In my setting positive images and messages are promoted by celebrating different cultures through resources, books, dressing up, activities and celebrating different cultural celebrations. A welcome board with

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