Unit 9 Pi Assignment

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“PI” Assignment 1. Max makes certain statements and claims to belief, which he repeats many times. First, Math (number) is the language of the universe. Second, Nature can be expressed in these numbers. Third, if you graph (or otherwise represent) these numbers, patterns will emerge. Fourth, if you can discover these patterns, you can find the key to understanding the apparent chaos, and you can predict everything. What is your opinion of Max’s core beliefs? Do they really apply to the universe? Could a mathematical pattern be something like the DNA if the universe? Max’s beliefs cannot be valid in terms of defining the universe. If mathematics would be able to create patterns that can help to understand the universe it would have helped solve …show more content…

Faith comes in, as a person believes that there is a number that can solve almost everything from religion to the stock market. People therefore have a belief of a certain particular number, which can help them sought out problems especially the Rabbis who deal are looking for a key, which is associated with the 216-digit number. 3. The complete title of the film is “Pi: Faith in Chaos”. How does the concept of chaos apply to the film? The film has much chaos especially those related with the uncertainty of various issues like the state of the stock market. Chaos are present in the world especially where people are uncertain about various things. The Rabbis do not have the answer to where the key was and the businesspersons require the code to predict the stock market. The many chaos in the movie are thus brought about by lack of a solution, which most people think is in the 216 numbers that have not been found fully. 4. Suppose that there is a mathematical pattern that allows one to comprehend the order of the universe. How would that impact the question of free will and

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