Unit Goals Assessments Performance Criterion

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Assessment Plan
Unit Goals Assessments Performance Criterion
Comprehensive Assessment Pre- Each student will be given a chart that says, “Plants can, have, are”. Under each section they will need to tell me what they know about what plants can do, what they are, and what they have (referring to structure of the plant). I choose this as my pre-assessment because I think this will be an overall indication of their knowledge and the beginning of this unit. A writing assessment is a better assessment for my students at this point in the year because they need to be able to use their own knowledge rather than the options given to them in a multiple choice test. I will be using a 1-4 grading rubric that comparing their assessment from the …show more content…

Students will receive:
1 They show little to no understanding of the needs of growing plants. They misplaced more than six words.
2 They show some understanding of the needs of plants and they misplaced less than four words.
3 They show much understanding of the needs of plants. They only misplaced 2 or less words.
4 They show complete understanding of the needs of plants and they misplaced no words. Formative This learning goal will be assessed through the highlighted word worksheet. Projects and worksheets will be done along with the discussions as a class.
The students will be given the opportunity to participate in an important discussion about how to care for a plant based upon the previous lesson. The students will be given materials to plant their own plant and to give it the care that it needs. The students will be assessed on a check or minus system based on how they choose to care for their own plant. Students will receive a 1-4 grade on the formative assessment as well as a check or minus for participation in the whole group discussion.
Unit Goal 2:

Identify the structures and functions of a plant and plant seed. Pre-Post
Assessment The pre and post assessment will be a cut and paste activity where the students are given the structure of a seed as well as a plant and then a bank of label words that they must cut and paste on the line where they would belong. This assessment will show me which

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