United Airlines Customer Service Essay

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Hey do you want to get a bloody face, broken glasses, and be pulled off the plane? Travel with United Airlines and you can get just that. On a recent flight, United Airlines had to make room for four of their employees on the overbooked flight. This meant that they had to open up a few seats by asking their seated customers to get off the flight. United Airlines asked their customers for volunteers, when no one willingly volunteered, they picked four customers at random. Three of the four willingly got off the flight but he fourth one said “no”. He was a doctor and needed to return in order to see some patients the next day. The use of satire around this topic of United Airlines customer service effectively tackles the poor customer …show more content…

This is showing satire by having the employee ask if they would like to get dragged through the seat. In this example there is also indirect satire as well because, if you ever see this cartoon you would know what it is about and what happened. It also ironic because the lady at the desk asked if the guy wanted a window seat or get dragged through the aisle. This is an effective satire because she is asking what type of seat they would like. Another example of satire is they are showing irony because the guy looks super surprised and the woman is just asking just like it is just another question they have. The second example is a sign saying, “It’s time to kick butt and chew bubblegum, and we’re all outta gum.” There is satire in this sign because they are using the bubblegum like the seats on the airplane. When they said we are out all outta bubblegum it is saying that there is no more seats open for the customers. The sign also has broken glasses on it because when they pulled the guy off the airplane they broke his glasses, in addition to “kicking” the butt of the passenger that they dragged off the plane. This example is also indirect satire because you know what happened to the guy who got pulled off the flight. The slogan that is used in the cartoon is about violence.There is effective satire in this cartoon, because

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