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United Kingdom Starting a new business can be challenging and bring risks as well as great opportunities. Many companies made decisions to do internal business within the United Kingdom and became very successful. The United Kingdom is known for striving progression with innovations. They greatly encourage and support entrepreneurs, creatives and even problem solvers who can assist with helping the economy for the country. This student will be going over a couple of different factors and issues that businesses will have to face in the United Kingdom. Overview The United Kingdom is located in Europe and made up with England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland It is known as an industrial country who started off doing a large mass of …show more content…

The Parliament is made up of two houses that are called “House of Commons” and the “House of Lords” who works together to assure that both parties are fulfilling their role in the house. The political system has been stable which have a couple different contributing factors which are foreign direct investments, aid, and democracy. International businesses need to be cautious of the risk of damaging their reputation and any corruption they can be involved in. Inefficient regulations and bribes are a few examples of activities that would be considered corruptions and it can cause great harm to the business and everyone who works for them. Economy Environment. The United Kingdom has demonstrated good economic resilience with effective rule of law, an open trading environment, and a well-developed financial sector (“United Kingdom,” n.d). It has been a growing economy over the years and continues to stay stable. A country who has been consistent with economic growth can bring plenty of opportunities and challenges too. Firms in the United Kingdoms have faced a few uncertainties this year. In a survey of 1,000 companies, they found that thirty-two percent of the surveyed to expect the economy to pose the biggest risk to their business this year which also give a political uncertainty due to a referendum on the United Kingdom membership of the European Union (Cancian, 2016). Even though it was not a large percentage who were not

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