United States Of The African American Male Students Essay

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Upon the premise of further exploration, Mari Ann Roberts found a definition of what is meant to care for underachieving African American male students. Roberts surveyed eight African American teachers to attain their point of view of what it meant to care for their students which included informing them about how to survive in the racism of the United States of America that they will and are exposed to (Roberts 456). The discussion of political clarity was addressed by several teachers to help students understand “the importance of education and emphasized that they believed, for Black people, academic achievement would eventually equal equality” (Roberts 458).
It should be noted the research identified teachers believed: informing the students about socio-political/colour talk matters helped them to understand as African Americans you have to work harder to make it in the U.S (Roberts 458). Finally, this study points out students needed to be pushed to work harder and encouraged to change their demeanor to not give Caucasians reason to hurt them in any fashion as far as advancing academically (Roberts 458). Several participants encouraged and demonstrated code switching suggesting
“Students change their speech, dress or behaviour to reflect a more Europeanised or ‘neutral’ background for the purposes of occupational or educational advancement. The moral implications of encouraging students to act outside themselves are complex, as are the cultural connotations of

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