United for One

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John, my favorite chapter is actually the first one. Chapter one is all about Luma, the soccer coach of the refugees. The reason chapter one is my favorite is because she reminds me a lot of myself. Luma wants to part from her parents and stay in the United States of America. Her choice came with the consequences of her parents and sister not communicating with her again if she chooses to stay in the US. Her grandma would still communicate about the family until she passes away in a later chapter. Another example of why this is my favorite is because I can relate to tons of it. My dad no longer talks to me due to me moving out at “too young” of an age. I moved to the city to be closer to work and school but in his eyes I was sinning. This is also why I think I relate most to Luma. There are other reasons why I think that I relate to Luma. Throughout the whole book, Luma never wants to give up. For example in chapter nine, “Get Lost”, when Luma knows she has to find a new field for her fugees to play on. According to St John, on page 93, the YMCA calls and lets Luma know they found a field for her. She never gave up on her high hopes. Luma always wanted the best for her players. I am just like Luma, as I never give up on things. My number one struggle I never give up on is my exercise. Luma has a great strength in her hopes. She honestly doesn’t care about anyone’s negative opinions. It is crazy how much I think I relate to Luma. Just…
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