Universal Health Care Policy Analysis

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Everyone is entitled to get the universal health coverage insurance. According to World Health Organization constitution (1948), all individuals have the right to health care. However, when it comes to UHI, the government will consider the most vulnerable persons without imposing any restrictions. These are people living below the poverty levels and can barely afford treatment costs. Equity in the healthcare program will be paramount and the country will track the records of health care access based on different factors such as sex, income level, residence, immigration status, and age.
Funding of the Universal Insurance After considering all the services that will be provided and covered by the health insurance, it is important to outline different ways on how the services will be funded (Dye, Reeder, & Terry, 2013). The preferred model that will be employed by the government includes creating a template for future financial arrangements. First, individual will pay their universal health insurance premiums directly to their preferred insurer. Secondly, the federal government as well as the state government will extend the private premiums
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However, after the implementation of the program has picked up, the state will plan to introduce very crucial charges, which will delineate how the resources are allocated, grouped, and, managed. While doing this, the government will consider its efficient marketing rates and the numbers of people who are eligible for financial support, as well as the average amount of financial support payable as per the income levels or the financial criteria. On the other hand, the allocations of the UHI system will be pooled in the National Insurance Fund because it will be directly used to manage financial support payment to insuring
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