Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test By Lauren Scanlan Essay

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Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test
Purpose: Designed to measure general intelligence and cognitive abilities.
Population: Ages 5-0 to 17-11.
Publication Date: 1998
Acronym: UNIT.
Score: FSIQ.
Administration: Individual.
Price Data, (DATE):
Time: (10 – 45) minutes.
Authors: Bruce A. Bracken and R. Steve McCallum
Publisher: Riverside Publishing

Review of the Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test by LAUREN SCANLAN, School Psychology Graduate Student, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Lincoln, NE:

DESCRIPTION. The Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (UNIT) is an individually administered test consisting of tasks designed to measure the general intelligence and cognitive abilities (manual, p. 1). The test is designed to assess individuals from age 5 to 17 years. The test is entirely nonverbal, thus it is especially suitable for “children and adolescents who have speech, language, or hearing impairments; color-vision deficiencies; different cultural or language backgrounds, and those who are verbally uncommunicative” (manual, p. 1). The examiner uses relatively universal hand and body gestures to provide directions and indicate responses. The test includes demonstration items where the examiner indicates how to complete an item, sample items where examiner feedback is permitted, checkpoint items where the examiner can correct the incorrect responses, and scored items which do not allow for examiner feedback (manual, p. 2).

The UNIT is composed of six subtests including
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