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Dr. Boggess, I am writing to you today on behalf of the Concord student population in regards to the financial reasons behind students dropping out or deciding to further their education elsewhere. Concord University has one of the lowest retention rates of all the universities in West Virginia. Concord, with a retention rate of 65% is lower than the national average at 71.2% (College Navigator). Concord is experiencing high rates of dropping students and I, along with the research believe this is partially because of the finances, specifically athletic scholarships, that bring athletes to Concord University. There should be equality within the amount of money each sports team receives at a University.
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(Heitner) Most student-athletes claim that they were not informed well enough about student loan debt and were told to just “go see financial aid”(Heitner). These students attend universities to play and bring in fans just to be sent away in four years with just as much debt as those who do not receive scholarships for sports. Greg Shanfeld, a shareholder at Wadhwani and Shanfield firm states, “ Athletes should be educated on student-loan debt and the repayment process” and, “Collegiate sports are often highly glamorized, but it is important that focus is also placed on ensuring that student-athletes understand the financial repercussions of taking out loans to attend college." Collegiate athletes are always placed on a pedestal whether they wish to be there or not. But this exploitation of college freshmen that are athletes leave these individuals with thousands of dollars of debt after they are finished being a figure for the university.
Freshman, including myself, never were fully informed of the financial responsibility that came with attending college. I believe Concord could do a better job of informing more of the students rather than their parents. Orientation is the first dose a student receives of “college medication” and I believe Concord could have informed the students more thoroughly of the financial obligation that college entails. A majority of parents may have attended college before or had a child

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