Unknown Citizen Literary Analysis

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Knowledge from the Past
(Literary analysis on Citizen, Old, and Anyone) Ever since a child is born they are immediate following into a system when the are label by their physical traits they are believe to stay with them all throughout their life to identify who they are even at the age of 98. This system is like a trap with question that no one is able to truly find an answer to simple question like: Are you happy, Are you Free? William Hugh Auden wrote Unknown Citizen, which talks about a political sense of freedom and directly is question the system that everyone is living in. Another writer by the name of E.E.. Cumming wrote Old age sticks and Anyone live in a pretty how town, Both talk about growing old and aging; one comparing youth to the old, and the other about loneliness and finding love. Each story has a central message, Unknown Citizen follow the system unconsciously, Old age sticks youth vs. the old, and Anyone lives in a pretty how town love is all you need to be happy and successful in life. Proposed in Unknown Citizen everyone is trapped in a system that is try to keep them in order to follow the rules. In the story it says, “And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way” (line 15 Citizen). Normal in every way, so to be just like everyone else, it is what is expected of this man to follow the rules to the “T”. Only following the rules, this man has never thought for himself to question! Am I happy? Am I Free? The simple answer is no,

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