Unprotected Sex Leads to an Increase in Pregnancy, Social Discrimination and Disease

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Unprotected sex is becoming increasingly common today which brings an increase in the risks of the effects; including pregnancy, social discrimination, and various diseases. The majority of unprotected sex is acted upon within teenagers. However, adults act upon this feat as well. While performing sexual proceedings, you use a condom to prevent the corrupting effects due to unprotected sex from happening to you. In the absence of using a condom, the effects are amplified. Most people are aware of the consequences of unprotected sex, although, the choice of using a condom to protect you during sexual intercourse is still not always the prevailing decision. Furthermore, people may not be fully aware of the serious impacts of …show more content…

Some teens that become pregnant are still in high school or just beginning a college education. Pregnancy is a large responsibility that can intermittently be disregarded. Thus, you don’t have a choice but to be prepared for a child and the responsibility that comes with pregnancy. Not only do you have to help nurture a child and support them, it costs you a vast amount of money as well. As a teenager and still in school, having enough money to sustain you and a child on your own is very intricate. As a result, trying to finish school and accomplish future career goals is difficult with less money and a child to care for. Social discrimination occurs as a result of unprotected sex and as a result of pregnancy. Even considering most teenagers have unprotected sex, girls especially, are discriminated against. Generally they are discriminated against by other girls who themselves have unprotected sex too. You become known as promiscuous even though other girls are just as guilty. While teenagers that are pregnant are around other students their age that are not pregnant, it sometimes creates a social discrimination against them as well. Even considering that the majority of teens do have unprotected sex, there is still a strong and immediate discrimination again teens that are pregnant or have unprotected sex. With a social discrimination, your ‘friends’ might turn their backs on you and even

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