Unsafe Staffing. Introduction. Unsafe Staffing Has Detrimental

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Unsafe Staffing

Unsafe staffing has detrimental effects on everyone it touches; patients, nurses, and hospitals. What is unsafe staffing? According to the Massachusetts Nurses Association (2017), “An unsafe assignment is anything that you, the assigned RN, judge to be unsafe. It is your license”. It is important to know the issues that face us in regards to this so that we can work to create a better healthcare environment for all of us. There are many changes that can be made; and plans for action that can work for any institution.
Definition of Frameworks
According to Kearney-Nunnery (2016), “A conceptual model is defined as a set of relatively abstract and general concepts that addresses the phenomena of central interest …show more content…

To provide nursing care that encompasses the “Whole Person”, we need to attend to all the patient’s needs; physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual.

Effects on Patients and Nurses
As nurses, our main goal is to provide the best possible care we can to our patients. According to Nightingale (1859), “No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this -- 'devoted and obedient. '” In order to be devoted to our patients in the manner Florence has stated, we need to have the adequate time in which to do so. Higher patient ratios overall equal less personalized nursing care for the patients. When nurses have less time to spend with their patients, things can get missed that otherwise would not. According to Silber, et. al (2016), “There is a 20% lower risk that a patient will die within 30 days of having general surgery at a hospital with above average nurse staffing levels, defined in this study as facilities that had a mean ratio of about 1.5 nurses per bed vs. those with a mean of less than one nurse per bed.” Overall, this goes to show that appropriate nurse to patient ratios ultimately leads to more positive outcomes for our patients.
Nurses are also adversely affected by unsafe staffing in many ways. Nurses go to school for many

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