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From the passage, “Hunting for Medicines in China”, it talks about a writer who travels deep into the mountains of China to search for a rare and special herb called, the golden hairpin. In the following paragraphs, I am going to describe how the writer involves the reader in the search for the golden hairpin by conveying how the writer builds a sense of wonder about the golden hairpin and the it’s setting, how are tension and suspense developed and the use of language.

From the first paragraph, the line, “According to legend…in order to cure a man he needed a rare and precious herb known as the golden hairpin”, the word “legend” highlights something mystic and magical, it is like something unknown because we don’t know whether it is
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While short sentence used in the line “then he disappeared” and personification used in the line “Swallowed by the clouds” further create tension and suspense because it causes us to wonder what will happen next since being “swallowed by the clouds” creates a sense of mysterious and enigmatic feel which involves the readers in the search. In addition, the use of tense involves the readers because the change of tense into present past tense throughout the passage gives a sense of immediacy which creates tension.

Furthermore, the line, “In front of me rose a tall, slender, graceful, solitary peak. It looked like one in a painting…I could hear the sound of mountain streams…the peak seemed so close, yet between us were white clouds and precipice below” adjectives “tall, slender, graceful, solitary” and simile is used to describe the peak which creates an imagery of the scene on the mountain. While the use of senses of hearing and sight further involves the readers as it gets the readers to imagine the setting.

In conclusion, the writer has described clearly about the experience of
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