Until I Was Dying, I Was Not Living. This May Sound Paradoxical

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Until I was dying, I was not living. This may sound paradoxical but this is a major theme in the story of my life. Thus far, the plot of my life is much like one of those seen in a 5th grade english class. There is an exposition, rising action, climax, and the very beginning of a falling action. Although I am sure my life will be filled with many of these peak shaped plot maps of ups and downs, currently the mountain I am on has been a steep climb with lots of testing moments along the way.
Growing up, I was a very shy, quiet and independent child. In preschool, I preferred to play babies or draw quietly rather than run around and scream on the playground. I enjoyed meeting new people but not in large groups. Once I got to know someone I …show more content…

After class that day, the teacher called me to stay back and asked if I had any interest in a free ticket to the solar system exhibit at the Science Museum. My face lit up but I had to turn him down because I had a hockey tournament that weekend. During those years, I was not authentically myself. I stifled my passions in order to fit in and be accepted by others. By the time high school came around I was tired of being someone I wasn’t. My freshman year I quit hockey, created a group workout club called SWEAT, and joined student council. I began taking advanced placement classes and was finally able to quench my thirst for knowledge. I grew apart from my friend group and decided I didn’t need a clique. I was friends with my different people in many different groups and enjoyed being able to have many friends rather than a select group. Doing things for myself allowed me to flourish in my own way.
However, in my later high school years I found myself in a fog. I could hardly find the energy to pull myself out of bed in the mornings, I was falling asleep in class, drinking ten water bottles a day, and eating at least 6 meals a day but losing ten pounds a week. By the time I was 80 pounds it was clear that something was not right. I distinctly remember sitting in the parking lot at school thinking to myself that I was not comfortable in my own skin. A few days later I ended up in the emergency room and was diagnosed a type one diabetic. My

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