Personal Statement : My Developmental Autobiography

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My Developmental Autobiography During infancy and childhood, I would say that my attachment was secure. I had both of my parents growing up and both were always there for me. I felt safe and secure knowing that they were around. Although being that I had both parents around, which contributed to my feeling of safety, my temperament also played key in how I would act when I was an infant and toddler. Sometimes I felt as if I didn’t want my parents to help me do something. I was very independent, but this didn’t mean that I didn’t want my parents by my side. I would say that my temperament and attachment went hand in hand but did not physically affect one another. Although I had a temperament to be independent, that didn’t push me to not …show more content…

Day by day my other friends were pushing me away because of the decisions I was making. I was surrounded by so many people but at the same time felt so alone. I didn’t know what to do. It was then when I started to gain my moral reasoning and got back on track to doing the right thing. I stopped hanging out with the trouble crowd and my nerdy friends took me back. I didn’t care if we were considered nerdy because at the end of the day having a group of 5 true friends was better then being surround by people who didn’t care if I got in trouble or not. Being an adolescent was hard, but through experience I learned who I truly want to be. As I grow into early and middle adulthood, I want to already have my social clock planned. Many different people have different views on what age things should be done (moving out of the house, marriage, children). The range for early adulthood is 25 and 45. During this period, most of my biggest events are going to happen within my life. I want to be able to graduate college with my degree and get a good job that will enable me to support myself to live on my own, get married, have kids, and eventually retire. When I am able to support myself, I am hoping that by time I am age 25 I can move out of my parent’s house and be on my own. Although this age seems later then I would want it to be, it is going to take longer than I thought to finish college and get a job that will enable me to be able to

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