Unusual Phenomena That Took Place Under God 's Divine Spirit

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unusual phenomena’s that took place under God’s divine spirit. According to Anderson he asserts, the New Testament “Bears witness to unusual manifestations of the Spirit, especially in the book of Acts in the bible…Paul addresses this in his first letter to the Corinthians in Corinth in which he describes his Charismata in speaking of tongues, prophecy and miraculous healings stemmed from the early church in the first century.” (Anderson). And the charismata experience had a profound and lasting experience, which according to Anderson Eusebius a church father describes and claimed “that Montanus was wrought into a certain kind of frenzy, irregular ecstasy, raving, and speaking and uttering strange thing…After the time of Origen (c.184-254), most western church writers seemed to think that charismata gifts were for biblical times and had now ceased.” (Anderson, 20-21). Many ancient Church Fathers noted charismata the speaking of tongues to hold significance primarily because many of early Church Fathers in the first century reference spiritual gifts in their writings and it was a normal process in the early church. In observation, this is noted also in the twenty first century believers pressing towards the eschatological hope.
Historical and Biblical data shares that in early Christian communities they were very passionate about serving God. And Christians became the victims of much persecution and martyrdom. They were persecuted not only for their religious convictions
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