Upper Body Fitness Paper

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Based on Maria's health benefit score, from her curl ups, push ups, and mCaft test, the priorities of this program will be to strengthen her upper body strength and increase her cardiovascular fitness. Her upper body strength needs improvement and she has good core strength, but still needs to work to increase it. The biggest issue or concern is that Maria gets bored easily and has plateaued. Due to this issue, the program will be changing variation every two weeks to keep Maria interested. In addition, the intensity of the program will also be increasing every two weeks. Based on the information given by Maria, she is an intermediate lifter (has worked out for the last six months) and can start at an intensity of 70%. Based on this value and information the intensity will increase by five percent every two weeks. The second biggest concern…show more content…
We made sure they were non-consecutive days to allow for rest and to not overload any muscles. The frequency of our program is three days per week of strength and cardiovascular training. The intensity for cardio focused on a target heart rate zone (seen in chart below - Aerobic Exercise Program Details) and the intensity of the strength training is starting at 70% of her one rep max, based on an intermediate lifter guidelines, and will be increased by 5% every 2 weeks. The cardiovascular training time will be twenty to thirty minutes, with an increase of five to ten minutes every two weeks. The amount of time Maria will spend on strength training is around an hour, but will depend on how quickly each set is finished and if she adheres to the two to three minute rest between sets. The last FITT principle, type, is variable exercises and machines that will be used. Due to Maria being bored with her normal workout, we plan on changing or adding variations of exercises every two weeks to keep her
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