Ursula K. LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven and Science Fiction and the Future

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Ursula K. LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven and Science Fiction and the Future

What will happen in a couple of days? a month ? a year? or twenty years from now? The answer is not known. Author Ursula K. LeGuin gives us the answers about the future from her point of view which can be seen through her article Science Fiction and the Future and her novel, The Lathe of Heaven. Ursula K. LeGuin believes people try to control the future they may have when in reality they have no control over the future. Every single day we see examples of people trying to control the future and see the situation fail every single time.

Through Le Guins article Science Fiction and the Future, LeGuin uses examples to support her theory of not being able to …show more content…

Dr. Haber, George Orrs psychiatrist, uses his machine, The Augmentor, to read levels of George Orrs dreams in which Dr. Haber can ultimately make them affective. Habers actions shows the desire to have power in what the future holds. In addition, needing to have power to control the future is showing we want to have a future which have our desires in mind and not any surprises which could affect our self. The main priority Dr. Haber has it to make George Orr dream affectively of values that he thinks need to be in society and make the world the place into a peaceful environment with no suffering. For example, George Orr makes the world less populated, no wars going on, no racism and the society as a whole into a wonderful congregation. With having the power to change dreams into a persons desire, there is no opportunity for any change which would in fact make life boring. I feel this way due to having difficulties in my life an opportunity for myself to learn and understand the values which are the most important in life. With having this knowledge I can learn to use my values towards society much like the way Dr. Haber wanted.

In the article written by Ursula LeGuin, Science Fiction and the Future, LeGuin speaks of what societys perception of the future is, the dreams we have for ourselves. Just like the article, Science Fiction and the Future, Dr. Haber is a

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