Animal Cloning: Double Trouble?: An Analysis

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As many movies and articles predict the future; how is one to know that they are not that far off from the truth. With new sciences continually coming out such as designer babies, cloning, and AI society must be cautious as to how far and what it discovers. With several stories as Frankenstein and Liar that portray how the sciences go wrong; one begins to wonder if this is story or an accurate prediction. Society needs to be cautious as it goes deeper into unknown sciences involving technology because pushing too hard can be harmful, it takes only time to bring up the worst and best, and once the line of morally correct is crossed into the darkness there is no return. If one is not cautious with technology and pushed to far it can be destructive.…show more content…
In the article “Animal Cloning: Double Trouble?” by Emily Sohn on Science News for Students it states,”It may take 100 tries to get one embryo to develop inside the mother,” (par. 21). Cloning has been going on since 1996 and scientist are still having trouble with the science. 20 years seems like a long time to some but it is actually a really short time and like in Frankenstein it only took him two years which shows that rushing is never good for science. In Liar the story take place after 2058 by the way the people speak they sound as if they have been involved with these robots their whole life and that they know alot about them. If they have been working with these robots there whole life and still can’t figure out what went wrong in Herbie this just show that it take a lot of time to develop a lower scale AI. TIme is the factor that determines the how well the technology actually is with cloning it has been 20 years and they have barely scratched the surface and in Liar which was set 100 years in the future from when it was created both show that time is a good test of
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