Usage of Punctuation Marks in Academic Writing

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Usage of punctuation marks in academic writing
These are symbols which indicate the organisation in written language, structure and the intonation to be observed in a sentence when it is read aloud. In the written English, It has been necessary to eliminate the ambiguity existing in a sentence. For this reason, punctuation marks have been in used to bring out the intended meaning of a sentence rather than the variations that can be gotten from it.
The punctuation practice had not been embraced in fully but not long after printing was invented, many of these marks have been added till to date. As of now, the number of the punctuation marks has reached fourteen, but many are yet to be
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E.g. Jacob and Hildah went to the Chinese department to ask for more information regarding their brother who studies in Hong Kong, China. It is also used in abbreviation: E.g. Her Apr. honeymoon went sour. Here the word Apr. has been abbreviated to mean the month “April.”
The hyphen (-) also known as the en dash. It is slightly the width size of an ‘n’ and it is slightly long when compared to a hyphen. It is used in joining compound modifiers having open compound elements. E.g. In the New—York city, the guy was named in the latest journal produce by the leading writer. Or, He went to North Carolina—Virginia boundaries to see his fiancée who live there. Also, it is used when expressing time periods. E.g. He will be in Nigeria in the time between Jan—May this year. It is also employed between the parts of a name which are compounded or a word or syllables of a word (Michael, 55). E.g. (a) The woman who addressed the crowd at the ceremony was going by the name: Mrs. Holt- Raymond. (Used as a compound name). (b) He laid the two tables back-to-back in the van when they were as to arrange the furniture. (used as a compound word). And the last example shows the use of a hyphen between syllables of a word. i.e. When we went to our grandpa, we were able to meet with the disputed thought-full couple.
The semicolon (;) is used as a connector of independent group of words while indicating a relationship which is closer to the

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