Use Of Mobile Devices And Healthcare Apps Changing The Industry And Security Practices

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• How is the use of mobile devices and healthcare apps changing the industry and security practices?

Insecurities lurk beneath the surface of the fast-growing world of mobile healthcare, putting data at risk. But organizations can protect patient data by implementing a mix of technologies and best practices.
The practice of using mobile devices in healthcare is growing. More than half -- 51% -- of physicians use tablets for professional purposes and 74% use smartphones at work. The mobile monitoring and diagnostic medical devices market will reach $8.03 billion by 2019, compared with a mere $0.65 billion in 2013.
Add in the growing number of patients who access their records electronically, the doctors ' offices that schedule appointments via text or app, and the offices that wirelessly share data, and the message is clear: Mobile must be secure and HIPAA-compliant. That is not, however, always the case.
Understand the impact: How Mobile Devices Reshape Patient Care.
The sheer number of people and devices with access to health information expands, making it much more complex for organizations to create mobile policies, manage data leakage controls, and conduct regulatory analysis. Mobile devices are ubiquitous in healthcare organizations, supporting part-time physicians and nurses working shifts that share devices. The plethora of health information accessible on these devices makes protecting against data loss challenging.
There are, however, steps healthcare

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