Essay on Use of Computers in Medicine

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Uses of Computers in the Medical Field
By: Tashauna Roberts

In today’s society, there is a wide range of computer use. Almost everywhere you go today you are required to have some sort of basic understanding of how a computer is operated. In my report, I am going to tell you how computers are used in the field of medicine. There is a wide variety of use and need for a computer in the medical field. Their uses include storing patient related data, scanning and imaging the body, and assisting speedy communications. Some of the main points I will be discussing is why Health Care Professionals use computers, where computers are used in the Health Care System , and Computer Assisted Surgery. Computers are used by Health …show more content…

In larger office and hospital settings, they also control patient flow, keeping track of who is in which room or bed, and which rooms and physicians are available for routing patients. Hospital monitoring equipment is usually based on computer programming. Patient monitoring equipment is computers that leave the physician free to perform other duties. Emergency alarms, bed beeping systems, pacemakers, life support systems that monitor and look after patients, and X-ray machines are all examples of equipment using computer technology. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) use computer software. High resolution images are achieved with the use of computers and infrared cameras.
Computers are also used in the medical field for Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS). The most important component of computer assisted surgery is to get an accurate model of the patient. This can be done like I said previously with a MRI, CT Scan, or Ultrasound. The final objective is the creation of a 3D dataset that reproduces the exact geometrical situation of the normal and pathological tissues and structures of that region. Of the available scanning methods, the CT is preferred, because MRI data sets are known to have volumetric deformations that may lead to inaccuracies. (As cited in Computer assisted surgery is the beginning of a revolution in surgery, it makes a huge difference in high

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